REALLY, not Michel jackaon!!!

I was never a fan of Michel jackson…there are rumors going around that after he died they found child porn pics and vids…THATS NOT ALL the kids were belived to be bleeding and suffring said: . if they found the pics and vids that might have went agenst in court. Feel free to comment!

lolicon veiw

Do you beleve lolicon should have stayd leagle in the us? Something i seen on ebay that was shoking is that you can buy FABRIC lolicon wall scrolls (posters). Would i buy them its a 50/50 thing….if i did i wouldent put it where every one could see it. In conclusion i dont want to…

Sailor slutz

Thay have come out with “sailor moon crystal” its better quality animation. The reason its tv14 i dont know. But i heard the last episode was rated tv-ma for nudity, thats just here say i havent watched all the episodes…something to che




pokemon mix

high quality Kristal


lion king (LOL)

mix disney